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Membership is open to All, Salaried Members comprising of Teachers under Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Civil Servants employed by Public Service Commission, County Governments Staff, Institutions’ Pensionable Employees, KNUT and NGOs Staff, SACCO and its subsidiaries Staff, Retired Members continue being Members, Companies and Parastatals Pensionable Staff.

Non-Salaried Members – Membership expanded to Spouses, Children and Relatives of Members, Individual business persons, Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs), The General Members of the Community, Micro-Credit Members, Farmers (Individuals and Groups), Jua Kali business persons, Youth and Women Groups and Chamas. They access business training, exchange programmes and capacity building, then savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits Accounts and Credit facilities.

Corporates - Registered business Entities, Institutions, Schools and Colleges, Churches, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Cattle Dips, Registered Enterprises Business, Investment Groups, and Registered Companies join as Members of the SACCO.

To be a member of Boresha Sacco, the following requirements have to be met:

  • Fill the membership application form
  • Attach recent passport photo
  • Copy of ID
  • Payment of a membership fee