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  • Delegates

The supreme governing body is the Annual Delegates Meeting(ADM). Each Delegate represents at least 100 Members or Five (5) Schools/Institutions in a Zone with Fifty (50) Members and above. Delegates Term of Office is 3 years but qualify for re-election by seeking fresh Mandate from Members. There were a total of 203 Delegates by end of 2016.

  • Board of Directors are elected by the Delegates from among themselves

The Board of Directors carries out its responsibilities and functions through Board committees –Finance Committees: Credit, Education/Business Dev and Marketing and Audit Committees. There are Eleven (11) Board of Directors and Three (3) Supervisory Committee Members. Directors retire annually on rotational basis; Ratio: 3:4:4 and Supervisory 1:1:1 Annually.

  • Management

The Board of Directors hires the Management Staff headed by the Chief Executive Officer. The Society has 140 Staff composed of Qualified and Experienced professionals in various Disciplines distributed in Departments and Branches.