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Boresha Community Foundation.

BORESHA community foundation (BCF) was founded in September 2012, as Not for profit entity and company Limited by Guarantee 2012.It is the corporate social responsibility(CSR) arm of BORESHA Sacco Society Ltd. It serves to spearhead the Sacco’s corporate social initiative to enable it realize its vision of being the financial provider of choice by positively impacting the community with a focus on Education and leadership development, Peace Initiatives, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Agriculture and Agribusiness, Financial inclusion and literacy, Environment, Health and Disaster management and response. BORESHA SACCOs headquarters is at Eldama Ravine town and has members drawn from all over the district and the Diaspora. Members range from Teachers under TSC, employees of TSC Secretariat in the greater district, Civil Servants from the Rift Valley Province, other salaried employees and those engaged in the non-formal sector e.g. farmers, traders, etc. At the onset, BORESHA SACCO’s products were restricted to savings mobilization through share capital and normal SACCO loans. BORESHA community foundation is centralized at Eldama Ravine town, Teachers Plaza (Sacco Head office)
Highlight of its objectives and core mandate
Since inception BORESHA community foundation has initiated several programmes within its mandate.
The foundation is a charitable organization set up in order to effectively facilitate corporate social responsibility initiatives for BORESHA SACCO Society Ltd. through socio-economic programmes and pathways out of poverty, BCF must respond effectively to the continuum of issues that affect people living at the bottom of the pyramid. With this in mind, BCF works to create change through the followings goals & pillars

1. Education & Leadership Development:
BCF seeks to spearhead several programmes that seek to help several needy students in Baringo and neighboring counties to advance their Education opportunities towards more secure and productive futures.
2. Agriculture and Agribusiness: 
BCF seek to mobilize resources towards training and developing local farmers to improve their farming ventures through trainings and field visits and financial access through BORESHA Sacco.

3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: 
BCF in realization this unique opportunity and support young Kenyans who are entrepreneurs and innovations through support programmes and training. This shall in the long-term stimulate job creation and economic growth of the youth and the yawning gap of the youth members in the Sacco.

4. Climate change and Environment: 
BCF in collaboration with partners, schools and the community shall seek to bring interventions to mitigate the effects of climate change. This shall be through activities such as green initiatives and water harvesting and promote conservation and smart use of natural resources.

5. Health and improved livelihoods Initiatives
BCF recognizes the fact that healthy people are the foundation of healthy economies.BCF has supported various public heath activities and good feeding programmes to those living with 
terminal diseases and other health challenges.

6. Peace Initiatives:
The insecurity threats posed by cattle rustling and warring communities in Baringo East and Tiaty constituencies pose a threat to economic well being of the neighboring communities of, Baringo County, Elgeyo Marakwet County, and Laikipia County.

Financial Resources
The foundation mainly depends on the funding transferred by the founder BORESHA since 2017 to date Ksh 2m (Two million shillings) has been disbursed to foundations. This has been utilized to discharge various CSR activities according to the objectives as summarized below. 
Our Challenges and Need to Partner
• Need to streamline BCF operations, strategic plans and running expenses
• Awareness and support of all stakeholders on BCF mandate 
• Support from internal stakeholders
• Need to have more social impact based on BCF plans and programmes
• Funding and mobilization of resources through partnerships towards bridging the huge funding gap.
Monitoring and Evaluation
This financing and donations will form part of the foundations financial management plans for the years and its execution by foundation will contribute to the overall growth of the BORESHA Sacco. The Board of Trustees and Management and foundation manager have a clear idea of the practical impact of the foundations funding plans and goals and the objectives set by the foundation and it will further ensure monitoring of activities and the reports of entire funding progress and utilization of the funds towards executing the Sacco’s CSR goals and objectives 
The monitoring process will be done by the foundation audit team, and an independent team shall Conduct and evaluate the performance and utilization of the funds every end of the year and provide a report to the board of trustees, donors and the financiers and the Sacco AGM, The evaluation will include consultations with each party to elicit views of all the parties and performance of the fund’s to monitor the utilization of the funds and / deficiencies


Chairman, Teachers and Students Kisanana Boys High School receiving text books, Computer and Printer donated By Boresha Community foundation on 03/08/2017


Area leaders, Parents, Teachers and Students of Kipkolony Pry School in Barwessa receiving Iron sheets and roofing Nails towards rebuilding classrooms damaged by wind disaster donated by BCF on 05/07/2018.


Area leaders, Parents, Teachers and Students of Nalekat Pry School In Chemolingot receiving Iron sheets and roofing Nails towards rebuilding classrooms damaged following a wind disaster donated by BCF on 27/07/2018.


Parents,Teachers and Students of Kipkaren Road Pry School in Eldoret receiving text books and tree seedlings towards Boresha Mazingira day donated by BCF on 23/07/2018


BORESHA community foundation making donations of building materials, clothes & mattresses, foodstuffs towards victims of Solai Dam tragedy on 26/05/2018


BORESHA Community Foundation Donation of water tank. Books and planting of trees at Koitilil Pry School on 12 Sept 2018


Donation of books at Koitilil Pry School on 12 SEPT 2018


BORESHA community Foundation Donation of Sanitary towels to school girls at Loruk Pry School, Chesirimion Pry School and Ngingyang Girls Sec Sch on 14 SEPT 2018






Boresha community foundation (BCF) is solely supported by donors, it relies on contributions to achieve its goals. Without the generous support of our donors none of BCF activities will be possible. Thank you all our partners.
As we lunch foundation this year’s programme dubbed BORESHA VIJANA EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM (BVEP), we request your esteemed support. What your donation will support includes: -

  • Youth mobilization.
  • Youth training and mentorship.
  • Youth Idea support and talent tapping.
  • Youth innovation award             

You can provide support to Boresha community foundation through

        1.MPESA contributions:

             Step 1: Go to MPESA.
             Step 2: Go to LIPA NA MPESA.
             Step 3: Enter PAYBILL NUMBER 755149.
             Step 4: Enter ACCOUNT NUMBER 7#YOUR NAME*
             Step 5: Enter AMOUNT.
        2.Through gifts, recognition award or volunteer services.
        3.Planned giving through monthly or yearly deposits, standing orders or monthly check offs.

           …………… DONORS MAKE IT POSSIBLE! …………………




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