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Mobile Banking (M-BORESHA)

As from December 2018, we rolled out our new Mobile Banking Service platform for our members under the brand, M-BORESHA. M-Boresha can be accessed via USSD code *434#.

Through M-Boresha, our members are able to perform the following transactions,at their convenience:

  • Check their Account, Savings and Loan Balances.
  • Buy Safaricom Airtime
  • Withdraw funds from their FOSA Account to M-Pesa Wallet.
  • Do funds transfer from their account to another account within the SACCO.
  • Get Mini-Statement.
  • Apply for Mobile Loans and Advances.
  • Make M-Pesa transfers to personal or any FOSA Account within the SACCO.
  • Make School Fees Payment.

Members can also deposit to FOSA Accounts or repay their loans via Paybill using our Business Number: 545500 and inserting a prefix plus ID Number as the Account Number. For Example " SA12345678" (SA being the prefix) to deposit to Savings Account. Kindly click here to see other prefixes to use.

Click here to Download M-Boresha Registration Form

Point Of Sale (POS)

Boresha SACCO, in partnership with Co-operative Bank, has enabled Co-opBank customers to transact their accounts through POS outlets at Boresha SACCO Branches. They can perform Cash Deposits, Cash Withdrawals and School Fees Payment.


Boresha SACCO, in partnership with Co-operative Bank, has enhanced customer service to its members through access to SACCOLINK Debit Card which is VISA Branded. This card enables the member to perform Cash Withdrawals at all Co-operative Bank ATMs and Co-op Kwa Jirani and any other VISA Branded ATM Machines. They can also enjoy shopping in Petrol Stations, Shops and Supermarkets where VISA Cards are accepted.